Can a new world emerge without the destruction of our present one?

The term New World Order is banded about by different groups divining a different set of meanings to it. A world government of peace aimed at fixing and managing our collective problems, or just a world dictatorship managing the interests of the elite.
The label draws significance because of the way most of us seem to feel that we are on the precipice of a world of change. To some that change is a sea-change in political systems. Then there are those that see the changes confronting us as being of a spiritual nature. To others, it might be a change to our conscious awareness. Then of course, we have the drastic changes to our human lives once we embrace the singularity tsunami of knowledge that is coming our way. As we integrate more technology into our lives and our bodies we will increasingly become human cyborgs. These transhumans will be more capable, and live longer lives free of decease. They will think differently to us as each new generation augments its intelligence to higher and more disassociated levels. Humanism will replace religion, and certain core concepts of Scientology may infiltrate our managed thought processes.
These sea-changes in humanity maybe radical and abrupt, but they will not necessarily involve a cataclysmic destruction of our present world and its systems. However there are those that study theology, mythology, and ancient history who will always associate a brave new world with the total destruction of the old world and its systems. Like the proverbial elephant in the middle of the room, the question remains unanswered. Can a new world emerge without the uncontrollable destruction of our present one?

The German writer Hermann Hesse in his book Demian, describes an age old analogy of a bird destroying its own egg (which was the only world it knew) in order to be born and fly to God. He refers to the Gnostic supreme god of duality, Abraxas. A unconscious creator that encompasses all paths, and sees good and evil as different perspectives of the same event.

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God’s name is Abraxas.”

The most simple explanation of this analogy sees the necessity of a destruction of the old world in order for the new world to emerge. This explanation also fitted the Phoenician mythology of the phoenix.

The phoenix was a legendary bird which was cyclically reborn. Originally it would die, decay but be reborn, but in later versions of the myth it was always reborn through fire. It was this visual image of it being reborn through fire that enamoured it to early Christianity who saw it as a metaphor for the apocalypse and the new spiritual paradise kingdom on earth that would come. It was also seen to purge sin. Fire is a destroyer which purges everything in its path. It was commonly employed to demolish old structures before they could be rebuilt. The God of Noah promised him that his next judgement would not involve a flood. Supposedly, the rainbow was God’s gift to remind us that his next judgement on the descendents of Noah would come in the form of a tribulation of fire. Thus the phoenix became a prominent symbol on the family crests of the royal houses of the Holy Roman Empire. This identified them as custodians of the new Christian Kingdom which was to come, and in a way anointed them as exempted from the promised tribulations that would precede the arrival of God’s kingdom on Earth. Thus from Genesis to Revelation, the Christian bible begins and ends with an apocalypse.

Both Judaism and Islam also expect a great tribulation of fire which was promised to come in the book of Genesis. Jews still wait for the messiah promised by Isaiah expecting to be saved from the cataclysm created by his judgement on us. Shiite Muslims believe that their 12th Imam disappeared and remains hidden until a time of judgement when he shall return as the promised ‘Mahdi’ to defeat the enemies of his followers, and bring Justice to the world. It is quite unsettling that the present ayatollah Khomeini of the supreme council of Iran, says that the Madhi has been communicating directly with him for the past six years. It is just as disconcerting to know that Israeli prime-minister Netanyahu personally believes that the archangel Michael is protecting Israel in times of war, and that he will see the Messiah in his lifetime.

The Hopi tribe from the four corners region of the United States hold to a prophecy about a ‘great purification’ which will be ‘a time of great shaking of the Earth’. A blue star called Kachina will appear in the sky to herald the destructive forces that usher in the beginning of the Fifth World. The Hopi believe it is their responsibility to shepherd survivors through the destruction of our present fourth world and safely into the next one. Their prophecy states that the destruction will be in the form of earth changes and inundations from the sea. The duration and suffering is dependent on whether a purge of the corrupt seeds in humanity is required.
Other South American cultures have similar prophesies of cataclysmic times that must be endured before the birth of the 5th World. The Aztecs believed in a deity that was known as Quetzalcoatl, whilst the Mayans and Toltecs knew the same entity as Kukulkan. The English translation is the plumed or feathered Serpent. This God had a dualistic nature and as well as being a creative deity, he was prophesized to bring a reign of destruction to end the 4th world.

The long count of the Mayans ended on Dec21, 2012, at 11:11 UTC. There was a popular belief that a cataclysm would take place on or around that date, but it was just represented the start of a new Piktun age of 7,885 years. That is quite a milestone if you think about it. Our last piktun period took us from the dawn of ancient Egypt and Summerian civilizations to the present. 2012 represented the end of the last B’ak’tun period of 394 years. There are a total of 20 in a Piktun. Thus the last B’ak’tun of the previous age began in September 18 1618. The opening battle of Europe’s thirty year war began the next day. It was a war that was to reshape Europe breaking the power of the Holy Roman Empire and establishing a protestant ascendency in Germany and northern Europe. The date also coincided with the first public share offering of the world’s first mercantile corporation which was the East India Company. It was the British defence of that company’s interests which established the roots of the British Empire. Those new concepts and ventures that were conceived in the middle of the 17th century went on to define our modern current culture of corporations, empire, and international mercantile law.

The point which I am making is that we have entered a new B’ak’tun as of December 2012 which will last for another 394 years in which will see a new broom sweep out the old and replace it with a new era of civilization. The fact that we have entered a new Piktun of 7,800 years promises a new human age. The onus of change might just be so strong that nothing, not even a powerful elite can stop the tsunami of change that is sweeping towards us. No apocalyptic event marked the changing Piktun on 21st December 2012. Perhaps that is a sign that no apocalyptic event will be required to break down the old world elitist systems and replace them with something more egalitarian.

If we reconsider the symbol of the phoenix briefly, we might get some new clues. This of course was a hijack of an ancient symbol that may have had another meaning totally. Some saw the Phoenix as protective symbol related in meaning to the wings of Horus. They both ushered in change through continual rebirth. The strategy was that humanity had to aspire to be something better. That we were slowly evolving into something much greater. The Gnostics who originally embraced the significance of the phoenix after the Phoenicians saw that change was in fact spiritual. They believed that we would eventually evolve back into a spiritual state of being that we once were. The fire was a metaphor for a sacrificial burnt offering. Self sacrifice demands a lack of selfish ego. They believed that humans were meant to be connected to each other and in constant communion with the creative force.

What they referred to as that creative force was the ever present unselfish love of Abraxas who remained unconscious. Nor did they deny the equally potent destructive force that balanced his love. They didn’t deny it because they realised that they were one and the same. It was a person’s perception that designated destruction from creation, or good from evil. To create something new, something else must be demolished to make way for it. In order to protect his family, a good person might have to defend them. That defensive action could be viewed as evil to his antagonist. The real truth of the phoenix was about using wisdom to know this and employing empathy to understand each other.

Author’s bio

My name is Senan Gil Senan, and I am a writer and author of the Beyond the Pale series of novels which are visionary tales exploring a potential future path of society. They cover a potential future in which citizens are confined to living in citadels. In these cities of the future, comfort and an easy life make up for the loss of liberty and for the all pervading culture of surveillance.
In the citadels, people have transhumanist goals and hold to atheistic humanist values. They see the implementation of technology as a way to master nature, and feel that they are on the verge of a transhumanist transformation into super-humans.
Those outlanders who live outside of the citadels live in threat of detainment and re-education. They give up comfort and live in a harsh environment in order to gain liberty. They feel that they are on the cusp of a spiritual transcendence, and that nature is about to change and will transform everything in its wake.

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