Holography is the new Stealth technology.

Even Macbeth was outwitted by an English army using stealth by camouflaging their soldiers as small trees and crossing open territory with a forest as a back drop.

Nowadays, Stealth still offers the upper hand in a battle but we rely instead on technology to provide the stealth. The Germans were the first to employ stealth technology when they designed aircraft out of plywood and carbon in order to deflect the radar introduced by the British.

Radar is still the main technology that stealth aims to deceive. Lockheed invented modern radar evading stealth technology during the 1970s. They learnt how to predict a radar signature hitting the surface of their aircraft and pass it on making the aircraft signature no bigger than an Eagle. The B2 spirit, the F-22, & the F-35 being the latest acknowledged stealth planes working on this principle.

F35 Lightening II.. stealth fighter with hover capabilities and pilot integration technologies

Despite being developed in the early 1970s with successful prototypes as early as the late 70s, the first stealth fighters and bombers were not officially unveiled until their active service in the first gulf war in 1990.  The first stealth plane to be shot down was a F-117a fighter taken down by a Serbian modified 1960s SAM site in 1999. The modification is still secret to this day and the F-117a was summarily replaced by the F-22. The downed aircraft was sold and shipped to China along with the technology used to take it down before the plane wreckage was returned to the USA. This opportunity provided China with the technological breakthrough into the field of stealth weaponry. They have been trying to catch up since by industrial espionage but they have had some spectacular advances of their own.

Although the guidance system for the SAM battery was supposed to be an electromagnetic wave emitter enhancement to normal radar, the downed stealth fighter was probably betrayed by other factors. Whilst the planes were invisible to radar, they were noisy and not invisible to the naked eye.

The next hurdle for stealth technology had to be to either develop invisibility, or to disguise the aircraft noise by making it appear as some other non military aircraft. Holography would provide the answer to both of these problems.

Holography, a technique for obtaining 3-dimensional images, involves an interference pattern between 2 sets of single-wavelength light waves. A single laser beam is split into two parts, one to illuminate the object, the second part which is called the reference beam is reflected by a mirror. The two beams meet forming an interference pattern, which is developed to form a hologram. This hologram can be used to re-create a 3-dimensional image of the original object.

We know from military strategic publications that the first stealth use of holography in military aircraft  were outward projections to present a dummy target.  This did not hide the host plane but presented a duplicate false image to confuse. It was possible for the dummy image to be of another plane or of any recorded object.  However another application of holography that was now being sought was to either hide or completely disguise the host aircraft.  This technological breakthrough may already be in place. There is  an increasing amount of video footage of flying commercial airliners like Boeing 737s which have no apparent airliner livery and which are also seen to flicker.  Often a wing or a part of the fuselage can be seen to disappear momentarily. These are possible holograms.  Potentially, one of the most menacing examples of this can be seen in the footage of the second plane to strike the World Trade Towers on 9/11/01. Just before the airliner pierces the side of the second tower, it is seen to flicker and one of the wings seems to disappear.  This probably may just be a trick of the light, but it could explain how some witnesses claim to have seen a military aircraft on its approach to the second tower.  In video footage taken of the 911 attacks on the Trade Towers there are some other unidentified aerial anomalies often associated with holography. On approach to the towers and later in retreat are seen a couple of small flying orbs and also a mysterious white plane. The Orbs appear  no larger than a  metre or two in  diameter.  The video evidence is not conclusive on 911, but there is much evidence of similar orbs employed in holography in other video evidence.  Such video evidence of flying orbs morphing into the silhouette shapes of fighter aircraft implies that some fighter jets can make themselves nearly invisible.  However there is a more likely explanation which is that these orbs are remotely piloted & highly manoeuvrable aerial vehicles which are probably designed to project a holographic image. This would explain why these orbs are usually seen in pairs. A holographic image cannot be an outward projection from an aircraft. The projector has to be from two external points focusing on the target to be camouflaged. These orbs which have been increasingly filmed and photographed could explain how the problem of external projection has been mastered. One orb splits a laser beam into two and projects one part on to the other orb to reflect on to the target hologram. The first orb projects the same image on to the target simultaneously as the reflection producing a holographic 3D image. For the purpose of disguise, orbs fly beside a piloted aircraft projecting an image of another aircraft on to it.  When the orbs are seen to fly without escort but then appear as an aircraft themselves; this is likely just a holographic decoy.

example of an Orb duo seen during daytime

There is one other problem incurred in holographic projection. This is the ‘canvass’ on which the holographic image is to be projected. The most realistic holograms require a certain viscosity or opaqueness in the target area for the projection. Smoke, smog, clouds and even air pollution help make effective holograms.  There is an element called Barium which when its particles are seeded in the air assists the realistic substance of holographic projections.  Traces of Barium are increasingly found in the growing incidence of chemtrails. Perhaps the air is being seeded to enhance the flight paths of holographic stealth aircraft.  Perhaps aircraft that are being cloaked by a holographic image also emit barium particles into the air to improve the quality of the image.

Another example of a pair of orbs accompanying USAAF military fighter jets

Plausible Deniability

Holography may provide the greatest ever stealth technology because it provides plausible deniability. The ability to fly within an enemies airspace whilst in disguise. This may well develop into the ability to launch a pre-emptive attack on your enemy without him being able to identify whom actually is attacking him.  It may well be possible to use holographic stealth to disguise a F-35 jump-jet fighter as a Ryan Air commercial airliner. However that would not explain how or why a Ryan Air commercial airliner might be hovering over Beijing.  A disguise with more validity might be that of a UFO.  For example Beijing and Moscow have both had several incidents of UFOs hovering in the cities airspace. In some cases, military fighter aircraft have engaged them. The UFOs have either seemed impervious to attack, or have disappeared. This does suggest the possibility that they are actually encountering holographic projections. The best evidence to support this is the UFO that apparently just hovered stationery over Mexico City in Jan 1997. This sighting over one of the world’s most populated cities happened during a time of smog and heavy air pollution. Many people saw and reported the sighting. However some eye witnesses saw something other than just the UFO. They saw a couple of lasers projecting from the roofs of different buildings.  Again we have the example of the multiple UFOs that were sighted one evening in Phoenix Arizona in 1996  by a large number of its population. Similarly, there is a credible report by a  police officer of a ground based laser being projected up at the UFO images. Because of the incidence of both lasers and opaque air conditions it appears as if both the Phoenix and Mexico City  UFO sightings were examples of earlier holographic projections. Phoenix being the first test in home airspace, and the follow up test  being in the airspace of  a friendly neighbouring country.  Both these locations are at a convenient proximity to the USAF airbases at Dulce and Area 51.  There is also the implication here that ground based lasers were required in 1996 in order to project holographic images in the sky. The technology of using pilotless orb duos to project the holographic images had obviously not yet been developed.   Personally, I believe the large rotating pyramid shaped UFOs seen quite publically over Moscow and Beijing in 2010 were more recent examples of this USAF stealth holography using these remote pilotless flying orbs to project a UFO image and safely invade the airspace of a potential unfriendly nation.

Using holographic images of imagined Alien UFOs offers not only plausible deniability for any actions committed by the stealth aircraft or offensive orbiting satellites of the USAF, but it also supplies a secondly level of duplicity in engineering a potential alien threat and another potential enemy.


 It is outside the scope of this post, to ascertain whether or not we are being regularly buzzed by extraterrestrial vehicles ETVs as the military refer to them. My guess would be that the vast majority of all recognisable UFO sightings are in fact sightings of new stealth technology aircraft.

Until  the late 90s,  the military apparently did not like references to UFOs by their pilots. Any Pilots [civil or military] whom did encounter UFO sightings were better off waiting until they retired before they told the press about their observations. Even then, discretion was advised. Disclosure could prematurely terminate your aviation career.  Another subject that was strictly off limits, were any incidents involving nuclear missile deployments or installations. Personnel could not discuss any part of their jobs to the media under state security provisions. Even when a problem with Britain’s early warning radar sites in the late 70s accidentally took NORAD to DefCon1 and the verge of a nuclear war, the details were patchy and slow to emerge.  By the year 2000, there had been a complete sea-change.  Not only could serving USAF pilots give accounts of engaging with and chasing UFOs in newspaper articles, but serving military personnel in ICBM missile bases were talking openly in media interviews about hovering UFOs de-activating their nuclear warheads in their missile commands.  In Britain, aircrew of Nuclear bombers reported similar events involving UFOs.  These days it seems that serving military and commercial pilots are encouraged to report UFO sightings and Missile-men are now seemingly giving away nuclear secrets by talking about how and when their nuclear warheads were disarmed.  So why are they not being arrested and punished for telling the ‘enemy’ about failures in our nuclear deterrent. I hope that I am not being too subtle here but the reason is strikingly obvious to me.  The State security services want You to believe that UFOs are really extra terrestrial vehicles [ETVs] which have both the desire and capability of disarming nuclear warheads. You will see the importance of this later on. Their official policy will remain to be neither to confirm or deny. The UFOlogists have long recognised  this sea-change happening and they refer to it as the initial preparation for the official governmental Disclosure of the existence of Alien extra terrestrial vehicle contacts. Many conspiracy theorists fear this suspected imminent ‘disclosure’ as being a ruse in order to create a fake Alien threat to mankind in order to unite different countries into a one world governmental and military response.  This theory is born out of the belief that ‘911’ was a State security inspired act of terrorism up on which the Homeland Security and Patriot Acts were passed through Congress. The implication is that Al-Queida is a much inflated and engineered threat which has been subsequently used as a viable just cause for foreign wars and an aggressive foreign policy.  Conspiracy theorists believe that a perceived Alien threat might be used in much the same way but on a bigger scale.

Although, I can see much logic in the feasibility of this theory, I actually doubt its validity.  I do not think that any government will actually officially confirm or talk about an alien presence without an obvious event happening that has already shown this ‘truth’ to be apparent.  Likewise, I personally don’t believe that the US or any other government will be party to, or will allow its security services to create a ‘False Flag’ Alien attack in a time of peace.  However, in a time of war I think we might see many.

The final world war

I would like to present an analysis of how a next major war may enfold. This is not a premonition. Instead i am projecting possible developments of a major war based on a principle that the participants and particularly the USA would like to limit the scope of the war. I believe present military strategy aims to keep war non nuclear or aims to limit the threat of all out nuclear exchange.  An alternative view is held by some conspiracy theorists whom believe that an Illuminati elite seek a total nuclear war in order to annihilate three quarters of the stressed world’s population. Personally, I do not believe that any government presently seeks this goal. However, i do appreciate that it is a possible unintended outcome of a nuclear exchange which fails to be limited.

All new wars lead to the unveiling of new stealth technologies. I believe that the use of a new generation of weaponry such as HAARP and BLUEBEAM together with new stealth technologies will be the signature of the next war and allow it to remain to the most part non nuclear and limited in its involvement and fatalities.  To explain this, I need to explain my analysis of the strategic aims of the participants and in particular the US military.

Wars are seen to succeed where diplomacy has failed.  No country initiates a war unless they have a positive end game planned with achievable goals.

The Great Game

In early 2012, it seems strikingly obvious that the next theatre of war will involve Iran, Israel and the USA. What is not so obvious is the fact that this war has already started in military terms with the downfall of Gaddaffi and the ‘Arab Spring’.  It was the American and British involvement in defeating Gaddaffi’s forces that was seen as the opening shot.  And the removal of Gaddaffi was not the real end game. It was the removal of Chinese oil interests from Libya that was the real goal. To date China had already spent over $40 billion on oil associated infrastructure in the country. By proxy, the USA had now effectively removed the Chinese from Libya.  This is the hidden real foreign policy of the USA.  It is a continuation of the ‘Great Game’ which was always centred around the geo-political hegemony of the middle east and the near east region that includes, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the oil producing States bordering the Caspian Sea. The ‘great game’ was coined as a phrase by the British whom sought to control Persia and Afghanistan as a buffer against Russian interests in the area. America inherited the great game and continued to thwart Russian influence in this region. Now their main goal is thwarting Chinese and Iranian influence in the region. Two factors are prime. Firstly, Chinese hegemony and military expansion needs to be held in check. China has already started building military bases  abroad. There latest base is in Pakistan and along with other Chinese military bases in the region is seen as a control against Indian expansion and American influence in the region. It is a great concern to the US that Pakistan, Russia, and China have formed a joint military alliance [SCO]

Secondly, Iran has been steadily extending its influence in the whole region. It has used the Arab Spring to stir up dissidence among Shiites in neighbouring Sunni controlled nations. It aims to encircle and contain its main  rival in the region, the Sunni Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Its Quds force exports arms and finances organizations such as Hamas in Gaza, the Hezbollah in Lebanon, and many other dissident Shiite groups. It main satellite is Syria whom acts as its main agent in the Levant region. Iran is also building a strong relationship with Turkey whom is a key member of Nato.  Much to the chagrin of the USA, It has successfully gained a strong control over the new political government of Iraq. Iran is financing and building a 2000 km gas pipeline running from its gas fields through Pakistan and terminating in India. US backed companies have been trying to build a competing gas pipeline from the Caspian sea through Afghanistan, Pakistan, and into India. Iran seems to have won over Pakistan with their plan, and Pakistan has now cancelled the American pipeline planned route through its territories. This represents a catastrophic billion dollar financial loss for the American pipeline building conglomerate.

America’s worst fear

For the previous decade, China had been tightening its economic grip over Africa’s oil and natural resources.  The USA had been sidetracked in Iran and Afghanistan and had let Chinese influence cross a tipping point in Africa.  In the next decade , Africa was set to be the new boom economy fuelled by its ever increasing oil reserves and natural recourses.  China thrived best where the USA had little influence. The Chinese were entrenched in Sudan, the Congo, Somalia and Cote de Ivorie, all of whom the USA held in embargo. Their influence and infrastructure was all over East Africa. What’s more, the Chinese supported Gaddaffi in his pursuit of introducing the African Gold Dinar as the main trading currency for APPA, the African Petroleum Producers Association.  The US Dollar remains the world’s reserve currency. When any country in the world wants to import oil and petroleum, they have to sell their own currency and buy US dollars in order to purchase the oil. These daily transactions throughout the world have the effect of strengthening the US Dollar against other currencies. The Federal Reserve of the USA takes full advantage of this relative strength of the US dollar in order to issue and sell more sovereign bonds. In  Laymen’s terms, the USA has been borrowing big time against  the collateral of its strong dollar. The strength of the Dollar is due to it being held as a reserve currency by all other nations. The reason why it remains as the world’s reserve currency is because of  the Petro-dollar. That is the fact that oil and petroleum can only be traded worldwide in US Dollars.  One exception to this rule had been Saddam Hussain’s Iraq which did limited trading of oil for Euros. That episode ended when the USA invaded Iraq, and since then the Euro has lost its credibility as a reserve currency after its southern member States were tempted into increasing their sovereign debt to unmanageable levels through excessive borrowing. This huge debt position is held by the world’s investment banks whom now hold the leverage to control the Euro.  These same banks control by proxy the issuance of currency throughout the capitalist aligned world through institutions like the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England  and the European Central Bank [ECB]. On a daily basis, over $4 trillion is traded on the worlds foreign exchange markets. This trade dwarves the international trades on the world’s stock markets. Sixty percent of all monies traded ends up as US dollars. If the Petro-dollar fails and oil is traded in other currencies, then the Dollar may have a cataclysmic collapse. As of February 2012, India, China, and Turkey are purchasing oil from Iran by payments of either gold or by funding lines of credit set up in their own nation’s banks. As Iran is the third largest supplier of light crude, this situation is a direct threat to the dominance of the petro-dollar.

Why the United States risks losing its military supremacy

The USA is slowly going bankrupt by way of it’s exponential debt and an interest rate on that debt that exceeds its growth rate. It spends half of its GDP on its military, and its military spending accounts for half of the worlds entire military spending. Therefore it will be forced to drastically reduce its military spending, decommission most of its massive fleet,  scale back its deployments and black budget programs and dismantle its worldwide military bases. Then the US empire will start to disintegrate at the same time that China is embarking on a military base expansion program and a massive fleet building program. They want to build 6  aircraft carriers and a huge submarine fleet. China has already founded a military cooperation pact with Russia and Pakistan which will grow to challenge Nato. Then of course the Chinese economy will have superseded the US economy sometime between 2015 and 2020. The US will be competing for 3rd place behind India by 2025.

US Military options – the holographic war

I believe that the industrial-military complex that took the US into the Vietnam war and thrives ever since on its huge black budget funding will not sit back and watch its own demise. It may initiate a war that will serve its own interest to create a future world in its own design. Unlike the Vietnam war, I believe this war might be a huge PR success whereby the US will appear to NOT to be the protagonist.  The US may have developed a strategy to limit or even prevent nuclear exchange. I believe they may also have developed a strategy to delay or limit Chinese active involvement in the coming war which will start out of the Israel- Iran conflict. I believe the fall of Syria will be the catalyst that drives Iran to draw first blood. As the combined forces of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US military launch retaliatory strikes against Iran, amazing events will enfold worldwide. These events will prevent the escalation to full nuclear war and will bring about a quick secession to this war.

There may be certain truths in the rumours of  HAARP and project blue-beams incredible weapon capabilities. I think the US may be able to use HAARP and other technologies to cause devastating earthquakes in China which will limit Chinese ability and their population’s will to involve itself in an external war. I think they may well use  holographic stealth weaponry to make UFOs appear to launch attacks on Chinese, Pakistani and Russian missile bases and also completely take out the their communications systems. As explained earlier, it appears from several well documented accounts that UFOs have the ability to disarm nuclear warheads using an energy force similar to a scalar or electro magnetic pulse.  The fact that we have been told this tells me that these weapons are actually USAAF technology pretending to be extra terrestrial alien weaponry. The purpose will be to disguise tactical strikes against the nuclear capabilities of China, Russia and Iran.

During this time when populations are hungry for any news. The internet and news will be swamped worldwide by propaganda that will also aid confusion and misdirection. The strategy is to completely disorientate all people and the Chinese in particular. Alleged blue beam technology that can create visions and signs in the sky and create strange and frightful ambient subliminal sounds might be used to frighten domestic populations into believing the world is ending. The UFOs are witnessed to be preventing nuclear launches in all countries including the USA. The world’s population will demand a secession of hostilities.

The US military will never show their hand against the Chinese or Russians but instead will send offers of military and tactical assistance to the Chinese and Russian leaders. Meanwhile the US will seek terms for an end to hostilities. There may be much public support to this end.

  • The end game from this war might be …  [this part is pure speculation on my part]
  • Regime change in Iran [regime change in Syria having happened before the onset of the war]
  • An immense display of military strength from the USA, followed by the US adopting a strong peacekeeping role.
  • The US military demonstrating that it is actually capable of defensive strikes against witnessed alien attacks. Thereby taking the initiative in world defence.
  • A call across the world for a united world military force to serve as a defence against alien threats and to police & prevent any future conflicts amongst the united nations of earth. The US military will form the core of the new world defence force. It will willingly break its allegiance to the US government but instead swear allegiance to a new reformed united nations with enhanced powers to supersede any component members. A separate tax system developed from the framework for the world carbon tax system [Kyoto agreement] will finance the new united nations that will embark on extremely costly enterprises to change and correct the world climate and create military defence against a perceived alien threat [that is really smoke and mirrors] .
    Thus a world joint military structure dominated by the old US industrial military machine supplying the technology, research and expertise. A new world supreme authority with real powers that will supersede all national interests. A worldwide unified tax system and one supreme world bank under the authority of the world government issuing a single currency which continues to based on debt. A unified world elite from all nations whom will have much more in common with each other than they do with their own countrymen. One world leader. And eventually a new age humanistic religion rising as a phoenix out of the death of the previous ones that will be seen as wholly responsible for the death and carnage of the great final war through the division and intolerance of each other. The old religions will be marginalised in the way that drink drivers became unaccepted. in some cases their advocates will be persecuted.
    Here ends my prediction of near future events.

The sieve of Truth

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3 thoughts on “Holography is the new Stealth technology.

  1. Hello 3sieves,
    This last blog of yours is extremely extensive in the subject matter that you cover. Ranging from an exploration of stealth technology; looking at the UFO situation; Orbs of light and then a possible exploration of the end of the world, with the opening shots of world War three happening now.
    Can I comment on a section which you call the “Great Game”. You say and I quote, “In early 2012, it seems strikingly obvious that the next theatre of war will involve Iran, Israel and the USA. What is not so obvious is the fact that this war has already started in military terms with the downfall of Gaddaffi and the ‘Arab Spring’ it was the American and British involvement in defeating Gaddaffi’s forces that was seen as the opening shot. And the removal of Gaddaffi was not the real end game. It was the removal of Chinese oil interests from Libya that was the real goal.”

    Why does America worry about China! Since Nixon’s time America has had a working relationship with China. The American capitalist system sees China as a vast untapped market for its goods, and a source of cheap labour to be outsourced.

    It could also be argued that it was the downfall of Libya that triggered the Arab Spring. Instead the toppling Saddam Hussein in Iraq showed the Arab world that its dictators could be removed by popular home-grown revolt. Okay, Chinese consumption of oil pushes up the price of oil, but conspiracy theorists would have us believe that the Americans ( who have a vested interest in the production and sale of oil) have suppressed new forms of energy and technologies that cause us to rely on oil so much.

    Currently it is the Americans and the British who are counselling the Israelis to not attack Iran. Quite frankly I don’t believe the Bible Belting Americans give a damn whether the Sunnis or the Shia’s are in power in the Arab states. It is quite true that the Americans do want the Iranians to not have the ability to use nuclear weapons. If they really want this they should take the advice of their congressmen, Dennis Kucinich, and embark on a course of multilateral disarmament. They can’t expect other countries not to go to the nuclear option when they have nuclear weapons themselves. To go down this path properly they need to ceed power to the United Nations to disarm the whole planet. While they maintain their own nuclear arsenal ( plus the other eight, or so, states that have them too) countries like Iran will pursue the nuclear option. It’s time for a bit of grown-up thinking about these matters, rather than the current idea of letting those who have and keep them, while the others go without.

    Your comments later in the block about America going bankrupt are also very interesting. Maintaining their vast military under their current circumstances well obviously bring about their economic downfall. But I’m not sure that holographic warfare will be the solution they go for.

  2. I’ve been thinking further about this scenario that you paint of America having an agenda to fight the Chinese and was wondering if it is really true. Traditionally the USA has been an isolationist country. Its modern day citizens are largely descendants of people fleeing religious and political persecution from Kings Popes and Emperors elsewhere in the world. America reluctantly came into both the second and the First World War. America fought for its own independence against an imperialist power. In our lifetimes, America has fought against the Japanese and the Germans. More latterly they fought the North Koreans and the Vietnamese. In recent times they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. They were also one of the main players in the Cold War against the Soviet empire. I’m not sure if America harbours any long-term enmity towards these mentioned countries and I find it hard to believe they are building up to a confrontation with China. As mentioned in an earlier blog, American normalised its relationship with China from the Nixon era onwards.

    It could be argued that, although America is anti-imperialist in the political sense, it has deployed what can be described as a Coca-Cola imperialism; a kind of economic hegemony over the rest of the world. This situation is now changing with the economic growth of Japan and the newly emerging BRIC economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

    America has always said that it stands for freedom. When it has fought these countries that I’ve mentioned earlier it has largely been to protect this sense of freedom that it has for itself. Perhaps America will reveal its true nature to the world at some later date in history.

    The alternative is the one that you describe, where the Pentagon separates itself from its mother America and pursues its own warlike agenda.

  3. I am getting raped beat up, my body parts are deleted like my breast implants and a lawyers old mom is inside me that my figure changed becuz of these glitter people, navajos. The president is just watching while actors kids are getting raped along with the innocent. Its all happening in my cloud and flash driving which is how this suspect lost his family through divorce and worker of page Intel with his family are still cyber attacking. The president is just sitting there.

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