When reading about 2012 and the end of the Mayan long count,  I have often noticed that there is a  dichotomy between the conflicting beliefs of what is in store for us. On the one hand, there are positive  utopian new age beliefs about a coming shift in consciousness to a higher state and all earths problems fixed through a new harmonious covenant. On the hand we have the annihilistic and Christian apocalyptic visions of the end of our world through either violent earth changes, the destructive passing of Nibiru, asteroid impact, or through an illuminati conspiracy creating war , famine and pestilence and then world dictatorship and tyranny.  These two belief systems don’t sit well together and are practically incompatible. I understood the fundamentals of each but don’t know in which to believe.

Then as i started to read more predictions about a shift into the fourth or a different dimension, I began to realise that both potential futures were possible. Mathematicians already know that two or more different dimensions can exist in the same space.  So if a human could pass into another dimension, he would appear to disappear in our 3rd dimension. Seeing as the most profound spiritual & hallucigenic  experiences in this dimension seem to alter time perception and often show linear time to be the anchor that holds us to our daily consciousness. Then it is quite possible that a profound waking change in consciousness is capable of completely removing us from the constraints of linear time. If as a result, all time becomes simultaneous and now, then we will cease to exist in a 3 dimensional world and instead inhabit a 4th dimension.

I believe the profound waking change in consciousness will be the awaking of the 3rd eye through some unknown stimulus and catalyst.  Throughout the ages there has been a lot of esoteric imagery and symbolism pointing to the opening of the third eye. However in Satanism there is symbolism, imagery and hand gestures that seem to suggest that the third eye should be masked.

it is usually the right eye representing the unconscious mind eye that is masked and replaced by the addition of the all seeing eye of Horus.  I used to look at this the other way around. I thought that the all seeing eye represented the opening of the third eye, and the eye that was being hidden or masked was the eye representing consciousness. This may well be the truth except that you will often see that it is the right eye representing the unconscious brain is usually masked. This represents to me the restriction and masking of the individuals third eye and the reliance instead on the communal  all seeing eye. It sometimes seems to me that there is a conspiracy  to not allow the third eye to develop in order to limit our freedom to progress to the next dimension of spiritual evolution.  The pineal gland which is instrumental in the development of the third eye is corrupted in many individuals by a plaque that forms around it. The plaque is formed by residual pollutants in the body such as fluoride and aspartame. Aluminium which is absorbed into the body through antiperspirants and through aluminium cooking utensils forms a synergy with fluoride in the body to form a toxic compound which is very destructive to the thyroid, pituity and the pineal glands.  There is no need for sodium fluoride in our environment and it is a toxic industrial waste by-product of which it is even illegal to be dumped in the sea, yet it is added to many countries water supply. Aspartame which is the feces matter of the ecoli bacteria  was found unsafe to use on chimps yet it is authorised for humans consumption.

Physical damage is only one threat to the awakening consciousness. I believe that stress and emotional trauma will lead to increasing damage to the human psyche which in turn may also detrimentally effect the wakening consciousness.

Lastly, and most important, i feel the human progression down the secular path, the lack of believe in a divine architect and the absence of a spirituality and belief in the mystical in many people will lead to a rejection of a new awakening consciousness. You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

It concerns me that the third eye development of a majority of the world’s population has been compromised. That if an external stimulus or catalyst does come to awaken this human function, that the human glandular process requirement will be insufficient in many people. The changes that come to those people will not be sufficient to enter a dream state and progress into a timeless dimension. They may however be sufficient to make those people susceptible instead through heightened extra sensory perception to a collective mind control. Perhaps the all seeing eye.

Those poor souls that cannot transcend to the next dimension will be left behind in this world. Indigenous peoples often call this the 4th human world.  The destruction of this 4th world seems inevitable and imminent.  It is over populated and out of balance. We even seem to know our fate in a Jungian collective  unconscious level because we have so many examples of our collective annihilistic fears influencing our creative efforts.

Religious apocalyptic beliefs drive some foreign policy. Israel is awaiting the forces of Gog and Magog to ally and make war against her so that the Archangel Michael may come to its aid and smite Israel’s enemies for once and all.  Israel’s President Netanyahu subscribes to this belief and desire according to the ex director of Mossad.  Iranian President Ahmadinejad released a film and a mission statement recently in which he predicts the arrival of the 12th Imam with direct inspiration from Allah coming to save Iran against its enemies who attack  it and bringing the nations of the infidels to submit to Allah’s mercy.  With those conflicting religious beliefs amongst the decision makers,  war seems inevitable. Any conflict between Israel and Iran will involve the USA and Saudi Arabia. Iran is supported by Russia and Turkey. China is bound to Russia and Pakistan in the SCO [shanghai cooperation organisation] military alliance which Nato wants to break up or hinder before it threatens United States hegemony.  Nuclear exchange is a real option.

There has been a movement away from the old international defence strategic policy of Mutually Assured Destruction [MAD]  to a new core belief in tactical nuclear exchange strategy that is winnable. The USA has the advanced minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile system with multiple targeted warheads. This together with their nuclear submarine trident missile system makes the US nuclear threat unstoppable. However, the DAARPA and HAARP strategic defence  systems can push out the stratosphere against incoming ICBMs and effectively burn them up in the atmosphere before they reach their intended targets. The Russians and the Chinese are working on a similar strategic defence system.  To all intents and purpose, the US military now believes that they can win a tactical nuclear war by destroying their enemies missiles and using neutron warheads on their foe in order to kill personnel but preserve infrastructure with limited radiation fallout.

The US has been building deep underground military bases since the early 1980s. There are presently 129 known bases situated mostly in the American mid west and they are mostly interconnected by high speed rail links. These bases are insulated against biological or nuclear threats. They are self sustaining with full medical facilities and underground water supplies and intensive agricultural production. Russia has been progressing rapidly with  a similar underground base building program in the last decade. It is like those nations and others involved in deep underground base building plan to temporarily retreat underground whilst they fight for military supremacy above ground using anti personnel weapons of mass destruction and bio-engineered pathogens to decimate enemy populations. One of the US largest and most recent underground bases was built under Denver International Airport [the largest airport in the USA @53 sq m].  A cornerstone for the build was layed and dedicated by an unknown and unregistered Masonic lodge. Nearby is three large commissioned murals which ominously portray a future depopulated earth  that survives a holocaust of war, famine and pestilence and emerges to inherit a brave new world all paying homage and allegiance to a young Germanic boy.  The murals seem to suggest that drastic depopulation leads to utopian life.

In the apocalyptic verses of the new testament, in both the revelations and in Jesus’s description of the final days to his Apostles, there is mention of men hiding deep in underground caves to avoid harm. However he states categorically that they shall not find safety there from the ensuing tribulations.  Jesus says that only by faith alone can you be saved. He also states that those of faith who die prematurely shall be resurrected.

Strangely, this does not conflict with the Hopi and Mayan peoples beliefs and future predictions. They refer to a time of immense stress and confusion following the simultaneous vanishings of many people. They say that those left behind are also disturbed by a strange new mindset akin to a seeming mind possession not dissimilar to schizophrenia. In cities, they will terrorise each other whilst great tribulations happen. According to the Hopi and Mayans, many people will evacuate the cities and seek the refuge of native peoples. Only those that return to live in balance with nature will survive amongst those left behind.  After a period in which many people have died and the world has returned to normality, the Hopi say that some of those that vanished will return to help initiate what they refer to as the 5th human world.


2 thoughts on “2012 and the end of the Mayan long count

  1. This is a truley facinating article. I will have to write something to explain my interest. The seeming similarities to certain other philosophies is striking; I think.

    Good stuff; Really.

    • Thank you Angryman. I am new to this [blogging] but i do like the way that when you put some random thoughts down in writing they begin to gel into something that makes some sense.
      I do take your point about my absent profile. I will put one together. I am 47 yr old man living in London UK originally from the west coast of Ireland. Best regards. Sean

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